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Moving Forward…


I am a bit nostalgic today…a mere 4 months ago I took the leap and published my first blog posting.

Inspired, pushed, backed and technologically enhanced and supported by my amazing daughter,, heated up the blogosphere with the sweat of my brow (and entire body) and offered a hopefully, funny and sardonic insight into my world and the planet that revolves around me…after all, it’s the 21st century, we live in the land of entitlement and I am here to point that out.

I have re-discovered my love affair with writing and my desire to feed people and make them laugh. I offer theater, travel, fashion and restaurant reviews, recipes and expose my Giant size love affair with the New York Football Giants, my doggies, my fabulous family and life at large.

Please move on from the old website…I am breaking up with the moniker, “WordPress”. You can now simply find me at:

Thanks for joining me daily on the path to Hell. See you on Monday for a unique visit to my new and improved site. Strap yourself in… is hotter, more devilish and promises to be a hell of a ride.

moving forward

Getting Real With Reality TV…


The world is obsessed with Reality Television. I for one never thought it would last…I could not have been more wrong. Everything is trending towards total overexposure. Gossip, celebrity magazines, Twitter, Facebook…it’s all about me, 24/7.

If I had taken a deep breath and thought about Reality TV, I would have realized that it is just like the old fashioned soap opera’s which have been going strong for 83 years. Millions still tune in to, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful.



Digress with me for a moment…when I started at ABC, I wrote all the advertising and promotion for the ABC Sports shows and soaps. Watergate reared its’ ugly head. The Watergate hearings were televised, pre-empting regularly scheduled programming. Each network covered the daily hearings.

The backlash was so intense and vocal that the Big 3, ABC, CBS and NBC, had to go institute a rotation system. I literally received thousand’s of letters and phone calls from irate viewers. They were jonesing for Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and Nick Davis (Laurence Keith)  on, All My Children and desperate to see what Tommy Lee Jones was up to on, One Life To Live. The viewers were completely disinterested in the daily Watergate activities which always struck me as odd because Watergate was. in actuality, a  soap opera and it was all happening in real time.


People love gossip, train wrecks, plastic surgery, the lifestyles of the rich and famous, poor and stupid…everything that Reality TV encompasses. We recently traveled to South Africa. We were met by a local driver at the airport in Capetown. He inquired as to what we did in America. When he heard that my daughter is an agent, working in Alternative TV, he was overwhelmed and blurted out, “Do you know the Kardashians?!”

Seriously, we are in Africa, people are living in abject poverty, lacking basic electricity, Nelson Mandela was in a coma, Robert Mugabe,whose tyrannical reign continues after 3 decades, had just been re-elected in Zimbabwe and our driver was over the top excited about meeting people who knew the Kardashians…it was an ugly reality.

To be honest, I know many, many people, both male and female, who are addicted to Bravo’s Housewives series. The Housewives have individually sought representation at the big agencies as they drink the Kool-Aid and believe that they are huge stars and idolized in the real world.

They used to say reality is stranger than fiction…these days I cannot even tell the difference. The shows are softly scripted and the lines between reality and fiction are blurring.

Observation…the bullying on these reality shows really bugs me. We are all aware that bullying is a hot button issue. So many parents do not place restrictions on what their children watch on TV. What is the message being conveyed here? Basically, all the Housewives shows consist of brow beating, taking sides and consistently and voraciously picking on one another. Big Brother, Survivor,  Million Dollar Listing LA and NYC, the list goes on. This is learned behavior.

Maybe it is time for change…read a book, workout, take a walk, watch 60 Minutes…that’s enough reality for me and these days, a NY Giants football game is as real and ugly as I can handle.

reality tv

Me and Food…


Sometimes I worry about my fascination with food. I love to cook and I experience great pleasure when people savor my meals.

Trying new restaurants and being excited by delicious, innovative food, both straight forward and magical ambiance and expert, friendly service can be as rewarding as seeing marvelous theater, perusing a fascinating art exhibit or rockin’ out at a major concert. Is it insane to equate food and dining out with art and culture?

foodie crossing

Answer: I think not…a great restaurant experience can be analogous to a fascinating evening of entertainment. In Los Angeles, which does not offer a plethora of opportunities to view great art and theater, dining out is as good as it gets. In NYC, there is so much food and entertainment competition, a restaurant has to deliver and the audience is the fortunate recipient.

I guess I have established a reputation for being a restaurant maven…I feel so used because I am always the go to person for recommendations in the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii and abroad…just kidding. Keep the requests coming.  Seriously, I love turning people onto great dining experiences. My blog affords me the opportunity to be on trend.

Surprisingly, I derive a great deal of pleasure from food shopping. I enjoy winging it and putting meals together on the fly. Some days, I do 3 drive by’s, stopping at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Ralph’s in Los Angeles and adding Fairway to the equation when in New York City. The grocery stores are like boyfriends, they all have something uniquely their own that they bring to the table.


Perhaps, I just live to shop. I take after my grandmother who turned shopping into a skilled occupation. She was in the pocket when indulging her retail therapy fixation, evidenced in her propensity to hum her way through stores.  I almost fell over when my daughter hummed during her inaugural shopping experience.

Well, dear followers, if food and restaurants turn you on, you will definitely benefit from my obsessions. Tune in daily for recipes and every Tuesday for restaurant reviews…indulge and enjoy!


Kasha Varniskas (buckwheat groats)

  • 1 cup Kasha
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 medium sweet onion
  • Kosher salt
  • fresh ground pepper
  • 2 Tbs. butter or vegetable oil
  • 1 box bow tie pasta

Saute onion in PAM, EVOO or butter. Set aside. In a deep sauce pan, place Kasha and break in egg and mix until egg is absorbed and Kasha mixture is dry. Add boiling water and stir 5-8 minutes until water is absorbed. Add salt, pepper, and onion.

Boil salted water and make half a package of bow tie pasta. Drain and add to Kasha mixture. Add 2 tablespoons butter or vegetable oil. Mix. Place in Pyrex dish and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Easy, delish, nutritious, flavorful. Kasha is also a filling for a knish. Freezes well.


Kasha Varnishkas

New England Clambake in W. Hollywood…

connie and teds

I am sitting in a seafood restaurant in Los Angeles, but I swear I am in New England, feasting on a traditional clambake spread.

Welcome to Connie and Ted’s, a funky, delectable new seafood restaurant in West Hollywood. The folks who bring you Providence restaurant, possibly the best restaurant in Los Angeles, have opened this huge, down home, modern clam shack.

The structure reminds me of the Brady Bunch house on steroids (how 21st century). It can get loud, so I would recommend sitting outside unless you sit at the expansive bar to get an up close and personal view of the inner workings of Connie and Ted’s.


Tomato Salad…we were hungry!

Skip the wine and order the hard stuff, a specialty cocktail or beer. The wine list sucks and all the selections taste like colored water. We started with the special tomato salad and it was amazing…perfectly ripened tomatoes with fresh basil and a light EVOO and balsamic vinegar dressing.

lobster connies

Maine Lobster

The lobster ($25 per lb, size varies between 1-2 pounds) was sweet, meaty and decadent.  I worked it over better than one of the hookers Justin Bieber picked up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this past weekend.  You can have it broiled or boiled …broiled is the only way to go which any good ole New England girl knows…boiled makes the innards watery.



The steamers ($21)  were fresh, plump, succulent and delish…close your eyes and you are in Maine. I always rinse, but never dip in drawn butter, but I dipped once and for some reason I couldn’t believe their butter…scrumptious.

lobster roll

Lobster Roll

The lobster roll ($24) was authentic without all the unnecessary fillers. The massive fish and chips platter arrived crispy and moist ($21). Sides are plentiful. We chose the mac and cheese which was cheesy with a gorgeous, crispy top…could have been a creme brûlée. All that pleasure for a mere $5.00!

mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese

Service was helpful and attentive. I wish I could remember our server’s name…she is an honest, New Jersey woman who definitely was in touch with the best items on the menu. Everything she recommended was stellar.

Reservations are mandatory as this place is hotter than the love story between Connie and Ted.

Connie and Ted’s, 8171 Santa Monica Blvd at Havenhurst Drive, West Hollywood. Open Monday-Thursday 5-11pm and Friday-Sunday 12-11pm. Valet and street parking.

Sunday Blues…

keep calm

It’s Sunday around 6pm…seems a lot later with the time change. Today, I adhered to the Daylight Savings Time rules and I fell back…into a Sunday funk.

Sunday Night Football is on so that evens me out a bit. We all have our adult pacifiers. The sound of sports playing in the background is my Valium or grown up lullaby.

Every since I can remember Sunday at 5 or 6 pm has sent me into a tailspin…no matter how great my day has been you can color me Sunday blue. The bottom drops out. Even when the New York Giants win big, it happens.


My earliest Sunday blues recollection is in elementary school. Sunday homework can shift moods. I always loved when it snowed on a Sunday night. We would take a shot glass and place it by the front door. Inevitably, when the glass filed to the brim with snow, school was canceled.

During college, Sunday nights signified the end of concentrated partying and the reality of a test or paper due on Monday…we all pulled Sunday all-nighters, highlighted by chicken noodle soup and tuna fish sandwiches at 3am, with a massive chocolate chip cookie chaser from the 24 hour snack bar in the dorm.

The real World (not the MTV show) introduced me to Sunday nights that marked the beginning of long work weeks and extensive road trips with the bands, working a good 20 hours a day…nothing like hangin’ in a huge arena, watching Jethro Tull for the 125th time and then having to mingle with the band and their tea lady after the Sunday night show!

In my menopausal decade, Sunday is just a big blue bummer even though the pressure and prior mandatory obligations have been reduced. I am watching the Indianapolis Colts play the Houston Texans surrounded by my incredible family, including the amazing dogs (a recipe for happiness), wearing my Big Blue Wrecking Crew t-shirt and feeling blue for no other reason than it’s Sunday evening…go figure.

Oh blue hoo…lighten up and break with tradition…not going to happen.

Good news, bad news…Sunday Blues has been legitimized by the medical world…it is a recognized condition.

blue women

Between girlfriends, do you experience Sunday Blues?!

55 Days Until Christmas…


I finished my holiday shopping today…everyone is serviced. I shop early because I hate to be rushed and I think the best merchandise is on display from August through October. I can now relax and pay off all the presents before December…no holiday guilt. By the time Chanukah and Christmas roll around, everything will be paid for so in essence, I went on an all-expenses-paid shopping spree…I can rationalize anything!

We celebrate both holidays. Growing up, my dad worked crazy hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He was in the liquor business and it’s all about lifting and selling “spirits’ during this particular time frame. Christmas day was the only time he had off and we could be a family. Presents were always a big deal growing up. We never had a tree, but the gifts were set out in a glorious display and Santa always got his just deserts.

When David and I met I had to show him the light about gift giving…it was not a practice his family followed. He is now the best gift giver in the universe, second only to me. Courtny is right there, as well. That is why birthday’s and Christmas are so damn exciting. I must confess that I love getting presents as well as buying the absolutely perfect gift for those I hold near and dear.


For the past 10 years we have celebrated the holidays in Florida with my mom. We have the most fabulous 3 foot plastic tree, stored in its original box from Target. Every year we add amazing ornaments and twinkling lights. Stockings are filled to the brim with philanthropic donations, as well as clever and practical items.

yippee …only 55 days until Christmas.

Surprise…early holiday present from me to all my faithful followers. On November 9th, I will be unveiling a brand new website. Please come on over to:


Got Candy…

boo hoo


I miss dressing up on Halloween. First and foremost, there is the candy. Legitimate fact…you don’t gain weight when consuming massive amounts of Halloween candy dressed in a costume…you are already humiliated as an adult so the candy is caloric and guilt free compensation. And then there is the guilty pleasure of sneaking into your kid’s room and quietly looting their bag for the giant candy bars.

candy corn

I loved dressing up as a kid, but until I had a child I never felt the complete joy of witnessing how unbelievably adorable your infant and toddler looks as a pumpkin and a ballerina.

As she grew, costumes became less generic and more intricate. In the first grade, Courtny turned political and dressed as my projected next president, HIllary Rodham Clinton, attired in a vintage size 0 Chanel suit from a fab secondhand store in San Francisco with kitten heel shoes with a gold buckle adornment. David dressed as Bill and I, being the most childish, was Chelsea, carrying Socks, the White House feline.

Her costumes became increasingly labor intensive as Courtny and David spent weeks simulating pagers, cell phones, slot machines, (David and I joined ranks as the  Royal Flushes, complete with toilet seats around our necks) and Courtny as Lucille Ball with her head in a TV, re-enacting the I Love Lucy show.

When we went door to door, I secretly shed tears behind my mask as she eagerly approached every single house and repeatedly said, “Trick or Treat” and modeled her latest incarnation. We always decked out the house and changed our answering machine’s ring to, Monster Mash.


This year, Courtny was invited to an industry Halloween party and it did my heart good as she and David joined forces to create a Tinder costume (for the uninformed, Tinder is a dating service). Her costume was clever and current.


Halloween is a great family event that does not require mandatory cooking, catering or inviting unwanted relatives. It is just a creative, fun, frivolous and delicious way to spend a fall evening.

So everyone, young and old alike, enjoy Halloween and I hope you turn some tricks and have lots of treats.

happy halloween

Fantasy Football Folly…

fantasy football2

Fantasy Football is one of the most lucrative and popular interactive sports out there today. Wouldn’t it be great if there was fantasy dating or fantasy BFF drafts?

Opportunity knocks…you are allowed to draft the man of your dreams. You project, after doing your homework and studying his stat sheet,  that he would be a great long term contract player. If life blindsides you or you sustain a helmet to helmet hit, he would always be there to defend you or pick you up.

If the relationships does not work out you can trade him. Say another team has a hot guy who has a lucrative contract, is a star and a team player and loves dogs, but his present general manager wants to drop kick off the team because he is constantly off sides…you swoop in and make a trade or purchase him in free agency.


Identical scenario for girlfriends. Draft someone who will always be on Team Toby (insert your own name). Often, female teammates make a rookie move and dump you when a new player shows up. Women kick the female teammates to the curb because a talented male player is drafted. She blindsides her BFF. Payback…her position on the team becomes irrelevant…trade the bitch or put her on IR (Injured reserve…in this case, injured feelings not body parts).

I propose that we start our own Fantasy She Devil League. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We all work together…any successful team will tell you it is all about collaboration, mutual support, respect and a positive attitude. Let’s make this fantasy team come true.

tobys fantasy team

Toby’s Fantasy Football Team
Victor Cruz, Tim Tebow, Tom Brady



Pets really touch a nerve in humans…the response to Friday’s blog was huge. People love their dogs. I hope everyone can experience owning a furry friend…the relationship is so rewarding. Enrich your life, lick loneliness…go rescue a dog or cat.

Food excites me. Not as much as my dogs, but good food is a rush. We discovered brethren who worship at the food pulpit in Culver City, a rather pleb ‘hood in Los Angeles. A Slanted Door alum (if you are a follower, you know that I think Slanted Door is one of the best restaurants in the country) has opened an adorable, fresh, locally sourced Vietnamese restaurant in a nondescript strip mall in Culver City. They did a great job decorating on a shoestring. The food is reminiscent of San Francisco’s Slanted Door, where chef/owner, Perry Cheung, worked. Perry is not only a talented chef, but also a lovely and hospitable man.

carmelized shrimp

Carmelized Shrimp Broken Rice Plate

The broken rice plate with carmelized shrimp and onions ($12) is an evolution of a favorite dish at Slanted Door and just as delish. The onions and rice are amazing, defined by a tantalizing sauce. The shrimp are juicy and cooked  to perfection. The cold vermicelli noodles with crispy tofu, vegetarian imperial roll, salad (cucumber mint, bean sprouts, pickled carrots $11) and the every fab fish sauce was excellent. I am going back soon for the shaking beef, a staple at Slanted Door and an item that often makes a guest appearance in my culinary dreams.


Vermicelli with Crispy Tofu

A large contingent of young and hip Sony employees were gorging on the Bahn Mi sandwiches on freshly baked french bread…selections include,  Jidori chicken with cucumber, craft pickles, cilantro ($8), Berkshire pork ($8), and crispy tofu with avocado, cucumber, cilantro and craft pickles ($9).

bahn mi

Bahn Mi

Pho is a major hit and is available with Washugyu beef ($9), Free Range chicken ($9) and natural oxtail ($11). Make a point of checking out Phorage…another plus is that the prices are very reasonable, especially for such impressive quality. Phorage 3300 Overland Blvd. Culver City. Open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-3:00pm and 6-10pm. Sunday brunch 11:00-am-2:30pm.

The mini road trip to Culver City was ultimately to retrieve Berkeley’s holistic medicine from the compounding pharmacy that keeps her solid and regular. 10 pills for $60…nothing but the best for our Berkeley. On the way there, I had one on one car time with David which I never experience during a weekday. He did not remember anything I had told him lately. I suggested he find out if they do cerebral high colonics because he needed to be cleansed upstairs…sure seems like a procedure that they would perform in Lalaland.

spring roll

Spring Rolls

Here’s hoping you always eat well and eliminate.